Tuesday, December 21, 2004


It's misty and still in my part of England, and the sun's lowest position in the sky can only be a notional observation.

I'm moving delicately, not because of any physical trauma, but my mind feels cold and still. I often feel this way at the end of term, and wish to withdraw into my den. This year, other things, a sad cocktail of the existential and practical, worry me. Cheers.

Today being the Winter Solstice, it's the day of A Day in the Life, a group photo project on Flickr. Somebody (bows) suggested this day as The Day, and it looks like the idea's taken off. There are close on 400 participants. Last time there were 5.

I recorded the actual moment of the solstice in a typical English High Street. My set of photos throughout the day is there for you to see.

It's quiet at work, and there is a shambolic feel to the office. I think about what photos to take, and my workload over the holidays, but mostly about events elsewhere.