Friday, April 30, 2004

I know to you this doesn't look a lot, to me this is the only thing I got!

I've got all these papers to mark and I'm wondering if there's chocolate biscuits in the house and the doorbell rings oh hoo! it's a nice little package from Amazon. Oh I ordered a Yello compilation CD because my vinyl is completely stuffed and here it is put it on put it on!

Yello are one those rare artists who manage to be blisteringly funny and profoundly musical at the same time. Pinball cha-cha is so brilliant -- I mean who ever heard of a carnival drumming sequence fashioned entirely from cheesy Seventies pinball machine samples (except not samples : lovingly recreated bleeps and squawks). And sooo groovy! That's why like them on loud when marking exams. This post's title is from the last line of that track: seems appropriate to blogdom somehow.

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