Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Disrupt on of pat e ns

A disruption of a perfect pattern is more beautiful than absolute regularity, so they say.

So when I'm immersed in a work (on the train, I squint at words in my palm, on my Palm), I should be grateful for any intensification of the work. How ironic that the author himself should break the spell of literary virtual reality.

Gahh, he's spoiled it, now I know they're Moscow-bound before too long, probably in search of the mysterious Auteur behind The Footage.

Good book this (*), really fine writing. Somewhat Amis-like (you know I like Amis, like). So many levels of realising that the author has expressed a feeling, a context or a syndrome exactly as you were about to articulate it yourself, only in a more surprising way.

Not as good as the film. Until they make the film, that is, which then won't be as good as the book.

* : Pattern Recogntion, William Gibson.

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