Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dublin marathon

I finally, after much prevarication, signed up for the Dublin Marathon on the 31st October. Along with hill-walking, I've been doing a fair bit of running. Yesterday I sat down with my running partner and we sketched out a training plan for the next nine weeks. As part of that, we ran in the Pewsey 1/2 marathon last Sunday, and we did some decent-ish threshold pace work this morning.

This will be my fourth marathon, so I've a fair idea of what to expect. The other three were all in London. That involves training in the dark of winter (race is in April), but this time we'll be making use of the late summer and autumn.

I've been to Dublin once before, for a friend's stag do, so I'm looking forward to seeing it in a slightly calmer, i.e. less pissed, state of mind. Now to look for a hotel, preferably mid-range but with a sauna.

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