Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beer going around

There in the crowded room, the guy I'd never met before pulls out photos that I had taken. Apparently top google for the term "Farnham Beerex", the official dead web-1.0 non-social site not cutting it at number 3. Last night I had a lot of the good natural stuff, a few too many burgers and no cigars. It's a remarkably peaceful night considering it's a vast room – the Maltings – crammed with drunk men (98% of them). Like the building, most of the punters are into middle age and aren't interested in showing off. So this friend of a friend is telling me all about this character Drift Words and this site called Flick or Flack.

More coincidence. Another friend twice removed turns out to be my over the road neighbour, whom I thought looked familiar. Ahh, the social properties of liquid bread!

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