Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nice day out


Brighton looks so lovely in the sunshine, but the water looked too cold to get in. And then there are the pebbles.

We were lucky in our train connections, so had plenty of time to wander. Apart from staring at the sea and window shopping, we met up with our niece and nephew and their parents at the Marina end.


We ate at the Pagoda, and then poked around the shops, which are steadily building up in number at the Marina. I bought a print by Colleen Slater from the Eclectia Gallery, and tasted a few hot things at Fiery Foods, coming away with some great Brinjal (Aubergine) Pickle.


More of these Brighton photos on Flickr.

Oh, I've been playing around with the Lomo Supersampler. This was a present from Santa to me. I'm collecting my first reel of film today, that's been sitting in the camera since Christmas. Yes film!

I encouraged the kids to go wild with it. "Where's the screen??" They didn't finish the film, so I've got nothing to show from their games as yet, but watch this space. Meanwhile, here's a random selection from Flickr: Super Sampler.

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