Friday, March 12, 2004

Elitist? Naah mate.

As I was decluttering a bit today, I came across an interview with David Bailey in a 14-month old issue of [nameless PC-oriented magazine]. Quite funny really: one could sense, from the brusqueness, that DB didn't want to be there, as such, but was kind of a trophy interviewee, "With thanks to DB's sponsor, Lexm?rk".

How many megapixels would you recommend as a minimum? I'd be looking at around 10 million pixels, but that's what I'd need for professional work. I haven't really used the lower resolution cameras aimed at amateurs.

How does digital ISO compare with film ISO? There doesn't seem to be much difference between 100 and 800, at least on the high-end. Again, I don't know avout the 'toy' cameras.

And so on. All "I'm serious you oiks are not".
Cheers Dave, thanks a lot, that really helps.

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