Wednesday, March 31, 2004


1. I've just been informed (courtesy BBC Four tonight) that the Plinth is, in fact, a Pedestal (comprising a Plinth, a Dado, and a Cornice). So there.

2. Vernal sunshine = cycling to work. Cycling = Pedal, clipless = shoe. Shoe in storage thingy. Try on.

Shoe won't fit. Sock? Investigate ....


Mouse. Mouse!!!??

Something Oscar must have brought in, and which escaped, then hid in a shoe. My shoe. It's hid in my shoe. And weed in it. Thanks mouse.

I try to rescue it, honest I do, but it is too wary; and I'm too clumsy. O~ observes the hapless man and mouse from the top of the stairs. Expression=stand aside I can handle that.

--- = - = - = ---

Later today, reports of "something" on the carpet. We often find little unpalatable, even to cats, somethings. I guess Oscar did eventually get round to finishing his storecupboard side-dish.

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